Web Page

Design and functionality

Domain and Hosting

We will help you to choose the correct name of the Web Page, then we will select where it will be physically, This is called Hosting. We will need a security certificate so that customers navigate with confidence within your page.


Here we are going to find the best template and customize it according to your taste and needs. By having the design approved, for greater speed and distinction we can design the page in Gutenberg.

Test period

Here we go together to test the website, trying to see if it meets our expectations.

Page Speed and SEO


Structure of the web page

Web performance refers to the speed with which web pages are downloaded and displayed in the user’s web browser. In the design, optimization was made in what is photos, how to present the texts and avoid widgets that slow down the page.


In the context of conversion optimization, segmentation means putting structures in place to deliver appropriate messages to audiences with distinct needs and expectations.

Architecture of the SEO

Hyperlink your existing content. Write high-quality content. No keyword stuffing!
Don’t forget your mobile versión!

Ads expenses


Expending with intelligence

There are many ways to advertise, but you must see in which mediium you have the best results or conversions. Google Adwords is still the best way to turn your money into much more money, due to the segmentation of the possible customers who see your ads. The other good idea is to work with Google My Business, specially for local businesses. Another thing you must not forget is to work your social media to bring clients to your web page.

Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategy is the one that includes the product, the target client, the target market, the price and the promotions.

Analysis of the results

After doing the work, you must constantly analyze the results. In google there are many tools that help us to do this, but we must also see why our strategies were successful or not. This analisysis is very important to take new decisions. This is a job that must be done constantly.